HotelNorwood_RatesHotel Norwood’s New Quarters operates as a modern motel offering the type of amenities and service travelers desire. The original building is maintained as a living museum for its immense historical value.

Hotel Norwood was known as The Back Narrows Inn until April of 2014. The Back Narrows Inn was built in 1897 as the Western Hotel, known colloquially as “The Hotel Norwood,” in the historic Old West town of Norwood, Colorado. Due to a conflict with the similarly named Western Hotel in Ouray, the name was changed to Back Narrows Inn. Of its many notable patrons, Butch Cassidy and Marie Curie are the most well-known.

The property began as two separate houses which were joined together in 1923 by a foursquare dining room addition to create a unified hotel. The two storage sheds on the property are excellent examples of early log cabin rootcellars. Numerous original antiques can be found throughout the building offering enchanting glimpses into life two turns of the century ago. In the late 20th century, a 10-room annex was built on the property to accommodate the ever-increasing demand. Over a century’s worth of owners and changes have added to its bewitching history as it remains a beautiful estate in downtown Norwood.

“Norwood’s Western Hotel is a living museum” –The Telluride Times, June 24, 1976

The living museum of Hotel Norwood is significant because it remains today as the town’s only distinctively historic, main street commercial frame structure. It looks now much like it did at the turn of the century when it served as a welcome haven for hardy travelers, cowboys coming in off the range, freighters, and Western Colorado’s everyday working people. The hotel made an important contribution to that early community by providing a hospitable shelter — and a touch of gentility — in a rough and rugged region where it took a full day by horse and wagon to travel from one town to another.

Once opened in 1898, the hotel remained open every day to provide entertainment, shelter, and a central place to commune. But in 2011, the hotel closed its doors to the disappointment of the community and countless regular patrons. Two years later, Hotel Norwood is now under new ownership by a passionate group of locals who are breathing new life into this much-missed remnant of Wild West heritage. We welcome you to be a part of the next chapter of the Hotel Norwood.

Authentic features, original photos, and beautiful antiques can be found throughout the Living Museum at Hotel Norwood.

The original oil cloth walls have been painstakingly preserved and can be appreciated throughout the second floor of the original building.Back Narrows Wrinkled Walls

Why the Wrinkled Walls? This inn was built and has been in business since 1898. We have tried to keep it as original and authentic as possible. So, when you see the walls int he old part of the inn, you are looking at the original wall covering that was put in at the time it was built. Back then, before wallpaper, as we know it, was available, they used what we would today call “oil cloth” to cover the walls and then that material was painted. Now, over a century later, that same fabric is still on these walls. You can tell that it has wrinkled and shifted over time but it still remains the same.