The town of Norwood sits atop Wrights Mesa below which the San Miguel River flows mightily from Telluride through Norwood Canyon. Positioned between desert and alpine terrain, Norwood’s abundance of outdoor opportunities, mild climate, and relaxed atmosphere make it one of the Four Corners’ and Colorado’s best-kept secrets.

Equestrian and agricultural heritages are deeply interwoven in the lives of Norwood’s residents. Cattle drives are common and summer hosts the largest monetary rodeo on the Colorado Pro Rodeo Association circuit. Horseback riding enthusiasts ride year-round in Norwood’s mild climate amid spring’s sweet fruit blossoms, summer’s abundant wildlife, autumn’s delightful harvest and winter’s golden and bald eagles. Numerous opportunities for hunting, fly-fishing, ice fishing, and mushroom foraging abound for outdoor lovers.

Action lovers find year-round fun surfing the mesa with ATVs in summer and snowmobiles in winter. Norwood’s history takes center stage in September, with the Pioneer Days celebration, honoring long-term local residents with a parade, traditional feast and old-time children’s games. The San Miguel River, the Uncompahgre Plateau, Lone Cone Mountain, Miramonte Reservoir, and acres of public land amongst other things just minutes away, Norwood is the perfect place to savor the outdoors.

For more information, check out the Visit Norwood site.